As you climb up the stairs to the first floor, the door on the left of the landing leads to the large ‘Vikrant Hall’. The hall houses models of various aircraft, the ceremonial crests of all Squadrons of Indian Navy and other paraphernalia. Visitors can also see pilots' survival equipment such as fighter aircraft's Ejection seat and life- rafts. Along with these equipments, you will also be able to view the 'Black Box' which is the audio recording system of the aircraft.

The Indian Navy has a large number of uniforms for various occasions, ranging from everyday working rig to those worn at ceremonial events. These uniforms are also ‘show-cased’ here for visitors.

While the British left India in 1947, the Portuguese occupation of Goa continued until 1961. The Indian Navy played a crucial role in the liberation of Goa. A brief history of Goa libration is depicted in this Hall.